An exploration of Ridgewood in Queens, New York.

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Rhapsody In All Colors

Shot in 2016 in the city of Cartagena, Rhapsody in All Colors is an exploration of the vibrant colors of Colombian women and the world they inhabit. A focus on domestic props, floral arrangements and Miss Universe contestants. The glitter and glitz of pageantry is juxtaposed with scenes of produce and household objects.


Wop Bam Boom

Inspired in part by the iconic Memphis Group and their roots in pop art and futurism, a series of vague facial structures relying on geometric tension and harmonious contrasts to produce clear, yet odd arrangements, reminiscent of mannerist painter Giusspepe Arcimbaldo’s gestalt portraits.


Body Vase

Published in 2013, this series juxtaposes two kinds of classic subject matter in photography--botanical flora and the female form--in order to draw out abstract qualities of color and contour.